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"As a longtime customer of Popular Home Collections' bedding and bathroom products, I have always been thrilled with their excellent customer service, as well as their great variety of products and "mix and match" flexibility that allows me to create my own ensembles."
-- Marie, S., Chicago, IL.

Tips for Organizing Your Bedroom

The bedroom today has evolved into a multi-purpose space. Many people use this room to exercise, to watch television, and to work in addition to sleep. Because of these additional activities, there are many extra stimulants and items that automatically find a home in your bedroom. Here are a few tips to help you organize your bedroom and to help you regain your sleeping space:
1.      Remove all items from your bedroom that may distract you from achieving a peaceful night of sleep (TV, computer, food etc)
2.      Remove all items from your closet and dispose of or donate excess items
3.      Group similar items together prior to placing them back into your closet
4.      Purchase a shoe rack to minimize the amount of bedroom clutter that your shoes may inevitably cause
5.      Hang pants, shirts, jackets, and accessories in individual groupings in order to maintain a sense of order
6.      Invest in compartmentalized units in order to create additional storage space
7.      Clean off desk, night table, and bureau surfaces and dispose of rarely used items
8.      Make your bed – this simple task will make your room look more noticeably organized
9.      Set routines in order to reduce the chances of consistent bedroom clutter
Your bedroom should reflect the one area within your home that will allow you to achieve complete solace and relaxation. For this to happen, you must focus on incorporating only bedroom necessities into your space so that you can slumber free of distractions.
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