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Shower Curtain Cleaning Tips

While you may not originally expect it, shower curtains can capture and house a lot of dirt, soap scum, and mildew.  However, tossing your shower curtain into the garbage is not the answer.  Here are a few quick tips for cleaning your vinyl or plastic shower curtain:

1. Remove your shower curtain from the hooks and put it into your washing machine along with several hand towels (which will help to remove soap scum)

2. Add a cup of bleach (which functions to kill mildew) and a cup of detergent

3. Run on a gentle cycle and use cold water to save energy as the scrubbing and friction from the towels render hot water unnecessary

4. Remove shower curtain after the spin cycle and hang it in your bathroom to drip dry

5. Heat and steam from future shower / tub use will remove wrinkles and creases

For cloth or fabric shower curtains, follow the care instructions on the tag for best results.

If you have other shower curtain cleaning remedies, feel free to share your ideas with us!

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