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-- Marie, S., Chicago, IL.

How To Add Color and Texture to Your Living Room

If you grew up similarly to the way that I did, then the living room was virtually off limits. It was known as the fancy room where only special guests could sit, relax, and enjoy its traditional beauty. However, the concept of the living room has come a long way since my childhood. It now functions similarly to a second family room or a den as many home layouts today feature open floor plans. It has become a critical area for home decorating enthusiasts.

In addition to big and bold furniture pieces, consider accenting your living room with throw pillows. Throw pillows boast an affordable and stylish way to enhance the atmosphere within your living room. There are no rules against mixing and matching throw pillow colors; in fact, it is encouraged. Infusing unique splashes of color into your living room can enhance the energy within this space. Further, throw pillows offer a way to incorporate different textures into your living room, which helps to make it more of a multi-dimensional space.

Contrast your inanimate home furnishings with living floral arrangements to add even more color into your space while simultaneously infusing fresh scents into your living room. Adding color and texture to your living room will help to make it a more inviting and comfortable area within your home.

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